Wholesale private label organic soap. Custom Formulation and Manufacturing.

Private Label

Longlasting..boldy scented and extra mild.

For over 20 years, our bar soaps have been a bestseller in natural products stores throughout the Pacific Northwest. They have a reputation of being very long lasting, boldly scented, and very mild.

We typically have  20K-40K bars of soap in stock ready to ship.

Our passion is YOUR success!

BAR SOAP- 3.75 oz (105g)

22 varieties of long lasting, artisan crafted soap that are made with organic ingredients.

Ingredient list for all products

Pricing: For pricing, please call us at 503.493.4151 & choose option 2. 

Minimum $ order
$250 minimum order requirement for all private label bar soaps.  Pricing varies depending upon quantities and SKU’s ordered.

Minimum order per SKU (bars)
All bar soaps are sold in multiples of 8, or cases of 120.

Packaging (in your provided boxes)
$0.22 per bar, 120 bars per SKU minimum. We recommend that you contact Yourboxsolution.com for your packaging needs. The box is # RT2062.

Private Label Packaging Resources

Shipping costs are based upon weight and where you are in the country. We ship via UPS ground or on a pallet. If you have your own UPS account or you’d like to arrange shipping through a different carrier, let us know!

Lead Time
We strive to get your order into your hands as quickly as possible. Most orders ship within 1-3 business days. For larger orders (in excess of 640 bars) please ask!

Organic Certification information
Most of our products (except for French Clay and Geranium) are eligible for organic certification. There is minimum order of 640 bars per SKU, +$100 per SKU for the initial certification cost. Typically takes 2-4 weeks once we receive your art work.

LIQUID SOAP- We can private label liquid soap as well!

You fill
5 gallon minimum order, $250 minimum per order.

We fill
400 gallon minimum order per scent. In order to keep the cost down, most of our customers provide us with the packaging, which we assemble here.

Pricing: For pricing, please call us at 503.493.4151 & choose option 2.

Contact info for private label “specialist” – Ian North 503-493-4151 ext. 302