Wholesale private label organic soap. Custom Formulation and Manufacturing.

Oregon Soap Company Brand




Discover our unique selection of bar and liquid soaps made with organic ingredients. 

For more information on wholesale purchases for your retail or boutique location, please call us at 503-493-4151 ext. 302





They smell amazing and look great on the shelf! Our boxed bars are sold in packs of 6 and come in 12 of our most popular scents.

A great way for customers to get involved! Our brick soaps and display allow customers to cut their desired amount, then pay by weight. Bricks can be purchased for your retail environment without a display or, we’re happy to provide a free display on your initial order with the purchase of 12 or more bricks (includes soap cutter and bags).



Our delightfully scented castile soaps are available in a variety of sizes. Made with organic vegetable oils, our ultra-mild and concentrated castile soap is great for a wide range of cleaning solutions.

Excellent for handwashing! Our foaming soaps are great for frequent handwashing and won’t leave your hands feeling dry!

Our Green Alternative Restroom products have been specially formulated for use in public settings. Scented slightly less than our typical foaming products, the Green Alternative Restroom soaps won’t beat your customers over the head with aroma. Wall mount dispensers available!