Wholesale private label organic soap. Custom Formulation and Manufacturing.

Wholesale Bar Soaps

A.) Intro and short discussion about our bars, ingredients, and how they’re made (talk about the oil we use, and their sources (palm specifically)) Include what we DO NOT make and/or ingredients that we are not interested in working with.

B.) How to order (include link to private label bar soap pricing/policy info, including minimums). Link should have order form similar to our wholesale order form.

C.) Tilth/organic certification information (phone numbers, names, contact info?? Are we done walking people through this? How do we make it easy?)

D.) Branding/Packaging info (links to Lighting Labels, Your Box Solution, etc.)

E.) Ingredient list for all products

F.) FAQ section (Crazy customer questions that make Ian cringe)

G.) Contact info for private label “specialist”