Meet the Soap Elves

Meet Sat Atma (Gregg Arnell)  Sat AtmaPresident

 Sat Atma, aka Soapman, is a third generation Oregonian. He has, at various times in life, been a rock climber, musician (check out and to check out the adventures of his old band mates and see him in his pre-turban days….), activist, music teacher, backpacker, and now newly married to Surinder. He loves playing mandolin in various styles including bluegrass, jazz and sacred music (his favorite mandolin players are David Grisman and Bill Monroe. He likes Doc Watson as well, even though he plays guitar).

He started making soap in 1993 at the urging of a friend who said “Hey man, you need to get a business of your own so you have more time to play music!” (He’s not sure if he has any more time to play music however—he seems to be constantly working!). After a rocky beginning, he quit his day job in 1997 and has been making soap non stop since.

The soap company has led him on many adventures including trips to the Caribbean (where he took 8 suitcases of soap, a tricycle to sell it with, and $50), Europe (where he arrived penniless with 50 pairs of jeans to sell to imaginary Europeans who supposedly would pay big bucks for them) and Asia (just for fun).

He recently gave up a long and trying relationship with his two Volkswagon buses who have been adopted and are reportedly living happy lives elsewhere.

He also loves cooking, the mountains, bike rides, Indian Food, and travel. At last count he had 17 bars of soap in his shower.


Meet Surinder aka "MaGyver"

Surinder is our book keeper, office manager, salesperson, and keeps the the Soapman organized (she's also his wife). We call her "Magyver-Kaur" because she has a knack for finding creative solutions to funny problems that arise.... and getting things working in a pinch.

She is also a Wardrobe Stylist and does Art Direction and Props in the film and print advertising business.... Check it out!

AND... She also has a small business called Joyafamily. She teaches Prenatal Kundalini Yoga and is a doula, visit her website She likes to travel in Italy, meditates and does lots of yoga, is a great cook and loves cats.


Meet Patrick - Our bar soap makerPatrick

Meet Ian - the bar soap "Hub"  My biggest dream in life is to make a living off of something I love to do. If you can accomplish that, you’ll never work another day.

Meet Alex - our liquid soap shop "Hub" & packaging manager



Meet Banjo aka Soapdog

Security and Quality Control- I travel with the Soapman every place that will allow me to come. I love doing my job, which is protecting the van, guarding the soap shop, and scaring the mailman.... My favorite BAR is Soapman Spice!